Graphics Card Support Bracket to Fix GPU Sag [Horizontal and Vertical Holders]

Graphics Card Support Bracket

Graphics card sagging can be a serious issue and can lead to serious consequences during the long run if it does not deal with time. This problem may occur in usually longer mid to high-end graphics card that has a heavy heatsink. In Graphics card sagging, due to the lack of support, the graphics card at one side will bend down or hang.  It is high time you must invest in a graphic card support bracket. 

If the sagging continues, the sagging of the graphics card will put stress on the motherboard and it may cause damage to it. And also, the high-end graphics card with metal backplate can also be a reason for sagging because of their weight and length. So, in the case of graphics card sagging the best way to fix or prevent is using a graphics card support bracket. Generally, there are two types of graphics card support bracket: vertical and horizontal. Each type has its own pros and cons.

List of Top 3 Super Powerful Horizontal Graphics Card Holder

1. upHere Graphics Card GPU Brace Support

It is a simple GPU brace support holder from the upHere to prevent the graphics card from sagging. This is made up of aluminum and comes with the two rubber mounts and four screws. This is very simple to use, just screw it with the graphics card bracket and all done. 

For adjusting and aligning the graphics card it has got three slotted screw holes. The length of this bracket is 10.5 inches and it will support high-ending graphics card up to 300mm or more in length. The rubber mount and the silicon pad will prevent scratches and it can be adjusted horizontally for the proper position.  It is a worthy choice if you are looking for a good GPU RGB support.

2. upHere Addressable RGB GPU Brace Support

If you are looking for the fancy horizontal GPU brace support then this is the best option for you. It comes with an addressable RGB LED with the white diffuser at the bottom. This GPU brace support is more stylish and when lit up the RGB lighting looks super cool. It is one of the best GPU support bracket RGB. 

With the compatible RGB software you can also change the light effects. There will be a sliding rubber pad at the top to provide the proper support and it will not scratch the surface of the graphics card.

3. Cooler Master ELV8 Universal Graphics Card Holder

If you are looking for the branded and the stylish graphics cardholder then Cool Master ELV8 is the best option for you. This is a horizontal graphics card holder that comes with ARGB LEDs and also compatible with the majority of the motherboard software.  It makes this card holder as gigabyte GPU support bracket

This graphics cardholder is sleek and looks perfect and great in the case. It will support most of the graphics cards even if it is larger and heavy. The ARGB LED strip runs along with the graphics card looks perfect and you will need a 3-pin ARGB header or compatible RGB controller to use the RGB LED lighting.

List of Top 3 Super Powerful Vertical Graphics Card Holder

1. upHere VC-1 Graphics Card Support Stand

upHere VC-1 graphics card support stand comes with great quality and it is very easy to use. It comes with a solid metal bar with two support arms and that can be slid up and down and can be adjusted to attain the desired position. 

It comes with a rubber stand that prevents scratches on the graphics card and provides a better grip. The construction quality of the support stand is good and it is made of aluminum. The base of the stand comes with the magnet (will not damage your hard disks) and that holds the stand firmly in the case.

2. Cooler Master Universal VGA Holder

If you are looking for the branded and perfect graphics cardholder then cooler master universal VGA holder is the best option. It comes with two support arms so it can support two graphics cards. The supporters are made of ABS plastic and it has a friction locking mechanism so just push the clip to lock the support arms. The stand is a tripod and has strong magnets on each leg.

3. Deepcool GH-01 A-RGB Graphics Card Holder

If you are looking for a good and fancy cardholder with RGB lighting then Deepcool GH-01 is the best option for you. It comes with nine addressable RGB LEDs and it is a wider graphics cardholder. This is why Deepcool is considered as  one of the most reliable GPU  support bracket RGB. 

It requires a 5V ARGB header on the motherboard and it is not compatible with 12V RGB header. The base of this holder is made of plastic and the frame has a metal construction. It has a modular design and that allows you to hide the PCIe cables inside it. It supports the graphics card up to 5kg in weight.


If you are suffering from the graphics card sagging problem and if you do not want to damage the motherboard and graphics card because of sagging then these graphics card support brackets will be a savior. They are inexpensive and they can really help to fix your problem. 

Select your graphics support bracket according to your requirement and the PC case. Every support bracket may have its own pros and cons and the cons will not truly bother you as much as the sagging. Choose your graphics card support bracket wisely and fix your problem. Do also check the available budget and invest in the best graphics card support bracket.