Refurbished Graphics Card Buying Guide – Is it Safe? Complete Guide!

Refurbished Graphics Card Buying Guide

Are you’re an enthusiastic gamer and want to invest in a high performing graphic card??? The best graphics cards are always high on price, it is practically impossible for everyone to afford the best version of the graphics card.  It is best to grab a good deal on graphic card else you might end up paying huge money. There is another option to buy a good graphic card without spending a bomb, all you need is to invest in a good refurbished video card.

Refurbished graphic cards might be a new term for you but it is already there in the market for a long time.  Refurbished graphic cards are those graphic cards which are returned by the customers due to some issues during the warranty period, there are some chances that the customers don’t want the graphic cards or even want to upgrade into a new one. During such cases, the minor faults in the cards are fixed and it is ensured that it works with perfection.

The best part about refurbished graphics cards is that it appears similar to the new one. It is properly cleaned, tested, packed with perfect and finally labelled for selling. The good news is that, the refurbished graphics cards also come with warranty along with the manufacturing date.

The refurbished graphics cards are highly in demand because it is cheaper as compared to the new graphics card.  Buying a used graphics card can be a good idea if you are running low on budget and want to get the best graphic card for gaming. Before investing a graphics card, it is a must to double check the warranty period.


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What are the different types of refurbished graphics cards available for sale?

1. New card returned by customers

There are chances when brand-new cards are returned by customers without any reasons. There might also be chances that they got a better deal and better technology from other sellers.

2. Exchange programs

Some graphics cards are returned by customers as a result of the exchange programs. This happens when the customer is getting a better deal hence, they plan to give the current one a pass.

3. Damaged box

There are also high chances of returning of a graphic card when the outer box gets damaged during shipping.  Since a customer has paid full money for the product and this is the reason, they don’t prefer to compromise for anything less.

4. Minor defects

Most of the refurbished graphics cards are returned due to minor issues while operation. Such issues can be fixed in no time by the expert’s team and usually these issues do not have much impact on the performance.

5. Wear and tear

Some customers return the brand-new graphic card due to minor scratches, change in colour or style. All these factors usually have zero effect on the graphic card performance.

6. Old card

This is again possibility with refurbished graphics cards. The older workable graphic cards are revamped to look new.

Is buying refurbished graphed card is safe?

Investing in a refurbished graphic card can be tricky. If you are planning to buy a refurbished Nvidia graphics cards, do check out the factory refurbished option. It is not advisable to buy a refurbished graphic card from third party, there are high chances that it can damage the other vital components of the computer system.

Always look for the company while buying refurbished graphic card, by this you can be assured to receive the original product at a fixed selling price. Investing in a refurbished graphics cards can be a terrible ideal if you want a latest graphic card to execute with maximum capacity. Before shelling out big money while buying refurbished graphic card always check the below mentioned buying guide.

Refurbished Graphics Card Complete Buying Guide

Here are the top tips and advice which should be taken complete care while investing in refurbished graphics card. If you are planning on buying used graphics cards from amazon then it is must to follow the below mentioned factors.

1. Cost difference

Money sure matters, especially when you want to spend your hard-earned money on gaming components. Buying a used graphics card is the most pocket friendly choice. The difference between a refurbished graphics card and a brand new one is the price, the different is not huge but there is significant difference for sure.

If you don’t want even a slightest compromise on the quality, opt for a brand new one with right warranty.  If you want true value for money and excellent performance, refurbished graphics card is always better as compared to new graphics cards

2. Model

Apart from the price factor, the graphic card model also plays a major role while investing in the refurbished graphics cards. There is no point in buying an older version of refurbished graphic card. Neither you will get a good performance on latest game nor the frame rates will look attractive.

If you want best performance while playing the latest game, then opt for a brand-new graphics card. In case you are planning to invest in a refurbished Nvidia graphics cards, do check their model number.

3. Warranty

While buying a used graphics card it is very crucial to check the warranty period. Graphic card is an investment for long time, hence double check the warranty card. While buying used graphics cards from amazon always check for the warranty i.e. whether it is in years or months or even days. If you are planning to add the graphic cards too your graphic card collections, it is safe to invest in a refurbished graphic card

4. Customer Testimonial

This is another important factor which might affect the purchase decision. If you are planning on buying used graphics cards from amazon check for the seller feedback, reviews, ratings. If you find good seller ratings and reviews on the refurbished graphics card, then give it a big thumbs up. In case of any doubt or queries, contact the seller and ask about the warranty, condition of cards history, issues etc.

5. Use

Another major factor which can affect your buying decision is the usage of refurbished graphic card. The benefits and limitations entirely depend on where you want to use the graphic card. It is not necessary that the refurbished graphic card is compatible with 1080 pixel will also suit the 4K monitor. Based on your current device, need, preference invest in a worthy choice.

Pros of refurbished graphic cards

  • Cost effective
  • Multiple options
  • Value for money

Cons of refurbished graphic cards

  • Risky
  • High chances of wear and tear
  • Compatibility

You might find plenty of discounts and deals on graphic cards especially the refurbished products. It is one of the best choices if you don’t want to spend a huge money. Check the above mentioned buying guide before investing in a refurbished graphic card.

Buying a refurbished video card comes with own risky, demerits and also advantages.  Sometimes the low price can be irresistibly good. If you don’t want to compromise on the quality and gaming experience, it is best to buy a new graphic card with proper warranty.

Buying the refurbished graphics cards is advisable when you have a limited budget and the savings is high. Never invest in a refurbished graphics cards if you don’t want to compromise on the final quality. There are chances of you losing twice the money and you might also end up buying a brand-new graphic card.