RTX 3080 Black Friday Deals 2020 [Never Before Deals]

RTX 3080 black friday

A high performing graphic card works as a backbone for the computer system. Be it the gaming experience or the video editing, with a durable graphic card you can achieve the best performance without worrying about the lagging. RTX 3080 Black Friday is something you should not be missing if you are looking for an excellent graphic card to satisfy your gaming need. Graphic cards are generally expensive hence black Friday graphics card deals is the best time to grab collect deals. 


 Here is the list of top 3 RTX 3080 Black Friday


1. ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity

[amazon box=”B08HVV2P4Z”]

The brand ZOTAC needs no introduction, it is one of the high performing options if you are looking for Gaming GeForce RTX 3080. The robust GDDR6X Graphics Memory with the 2nd Gen Ray tracing cores provides you with lag-free gaming experience. This is a VR ready graphic card which uses IceStorm 2.0 Advanced Cooling.

The specifications include 8704 CUDA cores with 320-bit memory bus, the memory clock is of 19 Gbps. The ZOTAC Gaming GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity graphic card comes with a metal front plate for better durability. The RGB light gives a classy look and it also supports 3 various display ports align with 1 HDMI 2.1 port. 



  1. Durable metal frame
  2. Exceptional cooling
  3. Zero noise
  4. Next-gen ray tracking core
  5. Lag-free gaming


  1. Designing is the biggest flaw


2. ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Card

The ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 is a powerful multiprocessor, it is super fast and highly efficient. A perfect choice if you are planning to edit a huge video with perfection or want to play game hours together. This graphic card from ASUS follows Ampere SM which increases power efficiency. The next-gen ray tracing increases the performance to great extent. 

The ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Graphics Card makes use of 3rd generation tensor cores which incorporates advanced AI algorithms including the DLSS. This graphic card supports 8K resolution without overheating the system. The axial tech fan design keeps the temperature under control. 



  1. Intuitive performance
  2. Brand new AI capabilities
  3. Incredible ray tacking
  4. Powerful axial tech fan designing
  5. Thermal control


  1. Can’t handle heavy games


3. PNY GeForce RTX 3080

The PNY GeForce RTX 3080 graphic card is a masterpiece that comes with perfect NVIDIA ampere architecture and powerful 1440 MHz core clocking. The high-speed demand is taken well care of by the 1710MHz boost clock speed. The PNY GeForce RTX 3080 graphic card comes with 10 GB GDDR6X and is compatible with a wide array of devices. The NVIDIA GeForce experience is incredible and you can take screenshots, videos and even go live stream with friends. 

With PNY GeForce RTX 3080 you can give wings to your creativity and create the top and high performing apps. It comes with the lowest latency and is highly responsive. This brand new RTX 3080 graphic cards from NVIDIA comes with powerful AI and the noise is minimal. 



  1. AI incorporated
  2. Amazing live streaming
  3. Lesser latency
  4. Ultra-fast performance
  5. Powerful memory



  1. Extremely high-power consumption

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